Tuesday, April 11, 2017


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In Timi's life, there are a lot of things she is insecure about. A lot of fears, doubts, hopes and dreams but she is sure of one thing. Her love for her fiance. She dated Demola for 18 months before agreeing to marry him. 
After a series of failed relationships that left her feeling not too happy with herself, She felt and still feels quite full of joy that she found the one without having to settle. Their wedding is still about three months away but being with Demola has been the best thing ever. Everything is perfect. He loves her so much he reassures her every second.  He does everything to make her happy. Planning and getting ready for ''TIDE2017'' has been the best experience yet. They coined ''TIDE'' from the combination of their names, ''Timi and Demola''.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017


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Nneka was getting ready to leave the office for lunch at around 1pm that Monday afternoon when Obinna peeped into her office, saw she was alone and walked in.

‘’Hey baby’’ he said as he came around her table, dropped the shopping bag he was holding and pulled her close. ‘’I am so sorry you had to go through that, God!!! I still can’t believe that son of a bitch raped you’’.

Nneka took a step back from his arms as she ran her hands through her hair in anxiety, ‘’It’s fine Obinna, he was probably just angry and horny and didn’t know how to ask nicely’’.

‘’Babe, please stop making excuses for him. He is a total ass and he doesn’t deserve you or any good woman for that matter’’.

‘’Obinna, I am not making excuses for him. I just needed to find a way to wrap my head around everything. I just wish all this could go away and he could be nice to me for just one day. It’s tiring’’ she said as her voice begins to quiver with threatening tears.

Thursday, March 02, 2017


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It wasn't just about the pleasure, it was the comfort she felt in his hands as he rubbed her thighs and her back at the same time right there in the tub. How he got here she did not know and she did not care. It was great to finally feel Obinna's arms after years of suppressing her feelings for him. The last few months had not particularly helped matters, she just knew she was horny and she was broken and she needed him.

Just as he finally touched her where she most desired, she felt his rage right from the door before she could even see him. Segun was back and she knew she was dead. If she wasn't in trouble, she would have laughed at the way Obinna scampered out of the tub and got his very first punch from Segun before managing to escape. She knew he was coming for her and he did not disappoint, his hands went for her neck and he squeezed and squeezed, She coughed and held on to his hands on her neck as she felt herself slipping down into the water. Somewhere far away, she could hear Toyin as she screamed.

Saturday, February 25, 2017


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It has been three months since Nneka lost her step daughter in that ghastly accident and her mother in law on the operating table. It has indeed been such a difficult time to her and her husband. Their marriage seemed to have broken down to a point of no return. They seem to have been separated but living together.

With Obinna's help, Nneka had spent a whole lot of money giving her mother in law a befitting burial and putting enough money in Segun's hands to spend in his home town during the burial. She constantly worried how their marriage was going to survive Segun's bitternes, blame and anger. As she lay on her bed that friday night, her phone suddenly beeped alerting her to a blackberrry message that just came into her phone.

Saturday, February 11, 2017


I spent 3 days in the hospital as the doctors had to do a Dilation and Curettage procedure to clear out the remaining foetus. Oyin was with me all through. Toba came to the hospital but I instructed Oyin and all the medical staff that I did not want to see him. He was not granted entrance. Oyin kept telling me he was waiting outside all through my stay but I just refused to see him. There was absolutely nothing left to discuss. How can I possibly face the man that killed my baby? It was unforgivable and I did not even know what I was going to do next.

Saturday, January 07, 2017


Nneka walked into her house that day after assurance from the Doctor that her mother in law will be given enough care and well taken care of. She made a deposit of N500,000 which she could conveniently afford and decided to go home and decide the next course of action with her husband, Segun. Mama was yet to come out of coma and would not have noticed or missed her absence in the hospital she said to herself.

Saturday, December 17, 2016


Nneka ran into the hospital really agitated as her friend Toyin walked closely behind her trying to get her to calm down. Immediately they walked in, she spotted Segun walking out of a room by the side with just a little plaster on his forehead. She breathed a deep sigh of relief and immediately ran to meet him.

''Oh babe, thank God you are okay. I was so worried'' she said in relief while trying to check his face and body for other injuries.

Segun immediately pushed her hand away looking at her with deep revulsion.

''Are you mad? I am asking you, are you crazy?'' He said.

Friday, December 09, 2016


Things were not getting better between Segun and Nneka. It had been six months since he took the loan to start his new business and Nneka already knew he had no plans to return it since he had spent the last two months complaining about how the business did not go as expected.

His mother and her step daughter still lived with her and she was beginning to feel the weight of catering for the whole family's responsibilities by herself even with Segun's big boy lifestyle. That morning however, all hell broke loose as she once again refused to have sex with Segun as she had continually done in the last one month.

Friday, October 21, 2016


One month after her august visitors arrived, Nneka lay on her bed on a Saturday morning wondering how she was going to come out of the hole she had dug herself into. She had not even been able to discuss with her best friend because she did not want anyone belittling her husband. Every day she asked Segun when his mother was leaving and she never got a response. Her mother in law was getting too comfortable. She had taken over the kitchen and refused to let Nneka cook for her husband claiming that, ''young girls of nowadays put too much spices in food''. Of course, Segun's response to that was that Nneka should be happy his mother was helping her and she wasn't going to stay with them forever.

Friday, September 30, 2016


Nneka was sure her call to her mother-in-law had settled the issue. She explained to her things were quite tight financially and bringing Funsho was going to complicate things. Of course her mother-in-law agreed to keep taking care of the little girl till things were better.

By late evening Segun had still not arrived and Nneka had tried calling him multiple times all to no avail before deciding to go to bed. Eventually at about 10pm, she heard multiple voices at the front door while she laid down on the bed and she got up to check who Segun had come in with. She stood at the door with initial shock once she saw her mother-in-law and step daughter both bringing their bags in with her husband. She didn’t know whether to feel shock, anger or disappointment as she greeted her mother-in-law.

The smile on the woman’s face as she returned her greeting was an assurance of things to come.  Nneka went ahead to get the guests settled in their spare bedroom before raising up the brewing issue on her mind with her husband in the bedroom.

‘’Babe, it is very late already and I have had a long day so I don’t want plenty talk’’ Segun said as soon as Nneka mentioned she wanted to talk to him as he began to undress.

‘’Don’t worry I am not going to stress you, I just want to know why Funsho came here today and why your mother is with her’’ Nneka said.

‘’I am not even going to play pretense with you. You have the guts to ask me that after calling my mother to tell her rubbish? I told you my daughter was coming and you went to call my mother not to allow my daughter come here? Isn’t that the height of disrespect? Anyway, mum suggested she come here for a while to help Funsho settle in since you are not used to her’’ Segun said as he got into the bathroom to have a shower.

Nneka followed him into the bathroom vividly angry at the turn of events. She never imagined her day was going to end like this. ‘’Did you tell your mother you cannot afford to take care of your daughter?’’

‘’What is that supposed to mean? How much is it to feed and care for a little girl?’’ Segun said.

‘’How much is it you said? Do you know how much it costs me to feed and cloth you? To take care of this house, send money to your mother and pay your child’s fees? You are now asking how much it is? Have you told your mother I am the one taking care of you all before she brought her greedy ass and moved into my house?’’ Nneka said with so much anger and bitterness.

‘’Madam financier, the next time you insult my family you will live to regret it. Are you the only woman taking care of her family because her husband is having a down time? Please spare me the lecture and let me have my shower in peace and go to sleep. It is very late’’.

Nneka quietly closed the door and went back to lay on the bed. She wondered if she had not put herself in deep trouble. Nobody truly knew her marriage struggles, not even her parents or best friend. For the first time in two years, she could feel her sacrifices coming back to haunt her.
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Friday, August 19, 2016

Differences 1

The conversation between Segun and Nneka that morning was bound for disaster. As soon as he raised the issue, he knew she was going to flare up but he refused to let that deter him. As far as he was concerned she was being irrational. Ever since he first raised the matter two weeks ago, she had consistently refused to listen to the voice of reason from him or her parents who he had resorted to reporting her to.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016


After a whole month of daily calls to Kenny with no response, I finally gave up. I knew my marriage was over. I had gone through the full cycle from tears to pain in my heart to anger to being just blank. I have finally resigned myself to fate. Even the strength to pray had left me. I have tried interpreting Kenny's silence in different ways but my conclusion was that he just didn't love me enough to fight for us. I sent him different text messages and not once did he humour me and respond. I just could not understand why a man will be silent after hearing his wife was raped.

Thursday, June 30, 2016


My conversation with Kenny made me realize he didn't value me as his wife and so I made a decision to give him space. I called my mum and told her I was coming home for a week. I was able to convince her Kenny supported my decision and I packed my bags. I was going to go home for a week. The next morning I told Kenny about my trip,

''I listened to everything you said and I have decided we probably need to give each other some space. I am taking a break and travelling to my parent's house''. I said

Kenny shook his head, ''you should be ashamed of yourself Lola. In fact when they call women to stand up, you should hide your face in shame. So you cannot take care of your home, you can't satisfy your husband and now rather than deal with your problems you are running?

Friday, June 10, 2016


About Eight hours after, I finally sat in the office of the doctor to get a detailed explanation on Kenny's condition. All I had been told as I waited was that he was alive and he had been taken in for ultrasound and later for surgery. The nurses refused to tell me the severity of the accident and I had brought hell down screaming and shouting. Eventually, I called my sister-in-law who came to wait with me and was able to calm me down. I had to leave the hospital briefly to use the cash machine and make some monetary deposits but aside from that I had been unable to drink even a drop of water.

Friday, June 03, 2016


On Saturday morning when Kenny walked into the house, I had decided enough was enough and I was not going to pay for my sins forever. He had no right whatsoever to keep sleeping outside the house under the guise of anger. I was already waiting for him and as soon as he stepped in, I just blew up,

''Where do you think you are coming from oga?'' I shouted.

He looked at me like I had suddenly grown two heads and to my surprise he replied, ''Sunrise hotel''.

''Is that where you have been staying?'' I asked unsure. Not expecting him to answer in the first place.

''Yes I got a room there'' he answered and looked at me, ''Is that all? he asked.

''No, that is not all Kenny and don't make me feel stupid. You have been sleeping outside for the past three weeks and now I am questioning you, you're acting ignorant'' I was truly bewildered.

Friday, May 13, 2016


It has been a week since I finished fasting and Kenny has still not spent a single night in the house. Every morning he came home to dress for work and didn't come home till the next morning. Every morning I met him at the door begging and cajoling but it was always the same. He totally ignored me, walked past into the guest room and walked back out once he was done changing cloths and having his bath. Not one word was ever said in acknowledgment.

Friday, April 29, 2016


I decided that night that I had had enough of Kenny's erratic behaviour and we needed counselling. I waited for him to come home the next morning but he never showed up. I called him around noon when I was getting worried but he did not pick my call. I got a text shortly after saying,

''I am quite surprised you are looking for me. Don't worry, I am fine. Don't let me distract you from God''.

I decided it was time to seek counsel from my pastor's wife. 

Friday, April 22, 2016


As soon as Kehinde left for work, I decided to take his matter to God in prayer. I went on my knees and was lost in prayer for the next four hours. 

''Father, defend me in my marriage, cast out every demon that has possessed my husband's heart''. Proverbs 21:1 says, "The king's heart is in the hand of the lord, he turns it whichever way. Oh God turn my husband's heart away from sex and all things of the flesh during these 100 days of fasting, in the name of Jesus. Towards the end of my prayer, I suddenly got an inspiration from the Holy Spirit on what to do next.

Friday, April 08, 2016


As soon as I cleared out the dinner table, I went into the bedroom, not bothering to say goodnight to Kenny in the living room. I knew he was going to be coming to bed soon enough. I needed him to think I was fast asleep by the time he came to bed. I quickly got into the bathroom and had a quick shower before climbing into bed. I made sure I put on my long pyjamas so there was no way he could have easy access to my body. About an hour later when I heard him climb into bed and turn the other way, I finally let out the breath I was holding. I managed to escape the sex tonight.

Friday, March 04, 2016


I woke up with a start and the way my head ached with no remorse made me shut my eyes immediately. I gave myself a few minutes for my head to calm down before opening my eyes again. The hospital room was empty and that made me wonder how long I was out for. Then it all started coming back to me gradually, everything that happened to me before I must have gone unconscious. I remembered my baby and quickly lifted the sheets to check but my stomach had gone down. I saw the incision scar from when they must have brought my baby out and I immediately got up to go check my baby but the pain in my head and wave of dizziness made me lay back down. Is my baby alive? Or did Jaiye actually take it all from me? I saw the bedside bell and rang for the nurses.